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piperacillin Open Ring Dimer

SZ CAT No SZ-P048019
Mol.F. C46H56N10O15S2 
Mol.Wt. 1053.2
Inv. Status Custom Synthesis

Chemical Name: (4S)-2-((R)-carboxy((R)-2-(4-ethyl-2,3-dioxopiperazine-1-carboxamido)-2-phenylacetamido)methyl)-3-((2R,4S)-2-((R)-carboxy((R)-2-(4-ethyl-2,3-dioxopiperazine-1-carboxamido)-2-phenylacetamido)methyl)-5,5-dimethylthiazolidine-4-carbonyl)-5,5-dimethylthiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid

Smiles: O=C1N(C(N[C@H](C2=CC=CC=C2)C(N[C@H](C(O)=O)C3N(C([C@H]4C(C)(C)S[C@@]([C@@]([H])(C(O)=O)NC([C@H](NC(N(C5=O)CCN(CC)C5=O)=O)C6=CC=CC=C6)=O)([H])N4)=O)[C@@H](C(O)=O)C(C)(C)S3)=O)=O)CCN(CC)C1=O

Inchi: InChI=1S/C24H31N5O8S/c1-5-28-11-12-29(20(32)19(28)31)23(36)26-14(13-9-7-6-8-10-13)17(30)25-15(22(35)37-4)18-27-16(21(33)34)24(2,3)38-18/h6-10,14-16,18,27H,5,11-12H2,1-4H3,(H,25,30)(H,26,36)(H,33,34)/t14-,15+,16+,18-/m1/s1

Quantification of cefepime, meropenem, piperacillin, and tazobactam in human plasma using a sensitive and robust liquid chromatography-​tandem mass spectrometry method, part 2: stability evaluation
By D'cunha, Ronilda; Bach, Thanh; Young, Beth Ann; Li, Peizhi; Nalbant, Demet; Zhang, Jun; Winokur, Patricia; An, Guohua
From Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2018), 62(9), e00861-18/1-e00861-18/9
Stability indicating RP-​HPLC method for the determination of Piperacillin and Tazobactam and their related substances in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation
By Navle, Khyathi; Prasanna, B. Lakshmi; Dometti, Hema Sree; Moodu, Shankar
From World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2017), 6(8), 1760-1774

Therapeutic drug monitoring of beta-​lactam antibiotics - Influence of sample stability on the analysis of piperacillin, meropenem, ceftazidime and flucloxacillin by HPLC-​UV
By Pinder, Nadine; Brenner, Thorsten; Swoboda, Stefanie; Weigand, Markus A.; Hoppe-Tichy, Torsten
From Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (2017), 143, 86-93