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Entacapone EP Impurity H

SZ CAT No SZ-E013009
CAS No 1150310-15-8
Mol.F. C15H15N3O5
Mol.Wt. 317.3
Inv. Status Custom Synthesis

Chemical Name: (E)-3-(3,4-Dihydroxy-5-nitrophenyl)-2-(piperidine-1-carbonyl)acrylonitrile

Smiles: OC1=C([N+]([O-])=O)C=C(/C=C(C#N)/C(N2CCCCC2)=O)C=C1O

Inchi: InChI=1S/C11H9N3O5/c1-13-11(17)7(5-12)2-6-3-8(14(18)19)10(16)9(15)4-6/h2-4,15-16H,1H3,(H,13,17)/b7-2+

Development and Validation of a RP-HPLC Method for Determination of Related Substances and Degradants in Entacapone
Dasari Purnachand, Arava Veerareddy, Bhoomireddy Ramadevi, Ch.V.S.L. Kameswarrao, Bethi Madhusudhanreddy
Journal of Chromatographic Science, Volume 54, Issue 8, September 2016, Pages 1310–1323
Quantification of intermediate, unknown impurities and z isomer in entacapone api by hplc
Shashikant Aswale, Sunanda Aswale, Sachin Zade and Padma
Aswale et al., IJPSR, 2015; Vol. 6(7): 3076-3082.
Analytical Method Development and Validation of Entacapone Drug by Modern LC-MS/MS Method to Quantify the Genotoxic Impurity
Murali Krishna Prasad Vallabhaneni1,2* , Anjaneyulu Yerramilli1 , Rajendiran Chinnapillai2 and Yesu Babu Nalamolu
Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2017, 9(12):1-8