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Sertraline 2,3-Dichloro Tetralone Racemate

SZ目录编号 SZ-S002012
CAS 号 152448-80-1
分子式 C16H12Cl2O
分子量 291.2
投资状态 In Stock

化学名称: 4-(2,3-Dichlorophenyl)-3,4-dihydronaphthalen-1(2H)-one

微笑: O=C1CCC(C2=CC=CC(Cl)=C2Cl)C3=C1C=CC=C3

印地语: InChI=1/C17H15Cl2N/c1-20-16-10-9-12(11-5-2-3-6-13(11)16)14-7-4-8-15(18)17(14)19/h2-8,12H,9-10H2,1H3/b20-16+

Separation of stereoisomers of sertraline and its related enantiomeric impurities on a dimethylated β-cyclodextrin stationary phase by HPLC
R. Nageswara Rao M.V.N. KumarTalluri Pawan K.Maurya
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Volume 50, Issue 3, 15 October 2009, Pages 281-286
Development and validation of a HPLC method for the determination of sertraline and three non-chiral related impurities
Alessia Ferrarini , Angel Luis Huidobro, Federica Pellati, Coral Barbas
J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2010 Oct 10;53(2):122-9
UHPLC Determination of Enantiomeric Purity of Sertraline in the Presence of its Production Impurities
M. L. Reyes-Reyes, Gabriela Roa-Morales, Roberto Melgar-Fernández, Horacio Reyes-Pérez & Patricia Balderas-Hernández
Chromatographia volume 77, pages1315–1321(2014)