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Hydroxychloroquine S-isomer Impurity

SZ目录编号 SZ-H004006
CAS 号 137433-24-0
分子式 C18H26ClN3O 
分子量 335.9
投资状态 Custom Synthesis
Rel. CAS No 155204-09-4 (Sulfate salt)

化学名称: (S)-2-((4-((7-Chloroquinolin-4-yl)amino)pentyl)(ethyl)amino)ethan-1-ol

异名: (S)-Hydroxychloroquine

微笑: ClC1=CC=C(C(N[C@@H](C)CCCN(CC)CCO)=CC=N2)C2=C1

印地语: InChI=1S/C18H26ClN3O/c1-3-22(11-12-23)10-4-5-14(2)21-17-8-9-20-18-13-15(19)6-7-16(17)18/h6-9,13-14,23H,3-5,10-12H2,1-2H3,(H,20,21)/t14-/m1/s1

Identification and characterization of process related impurities in chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine by LC​/IT​/MS, LC​/TOF​/MS and NMR
By Dongre, Vaijanath G.; Ghugare, Pradeep D.; Karmuse, Pravin; Singh, Dharmendra; Jadhav, Atul; Kumar, Ashok
From Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (2009), 49(4), 873-879
Analytical and semi-​preparative high-​performance liquid chromatographic separation and assay of hydroxychloroquine enantiomers
By Brocks, Dion R.; Pasutto, Franco M.; Jamali, Fakhreddin
From Journal of Chromatography, Biomedical Applications (1992), 581(1), 83-92
Estimation of plasma hydroxychloroquine by high-​performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection
By Morris, Raymond G.
From Journal of Chromatography, Biomedical Applications (1985), 338(2), 422-7