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Nadolol EP Impurity B

N° de SZ CAT SZ-N002003
Número CAS NA
Mol.F. C14H20O5
Peso Molecular 268.3
Status de Fatura In Stock

Nome Químico: Cis-5-[(2RS)-2-hydroxy-3-methoxypropoxy]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene-2,3-diol (as per EP)

Sorrisos: OC(COC)COC1=CC=CC2=C1C[C@@H](O)[C@@H](O)C2

Inchi: InChI=1S/C13H18O5/c14-6-9(15)7-18-13-3-1-2-8-4-11(16)12(17)5-10(8)13/h1-3,9,11-12,14-17H,4-7H2/t9?,11-,12+/m0/s1

Nadolol: high-pressure liquid chromatographic methods for assay, racemate composition and related compounds
pauline m. lacroix,t norman m. curran and edward g. lovering
Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Analysis Vol. 10, Nos 10-12, pp. 917-924, 1992
The nonmetabolized β‑blocker nadolol is a substrate of oct1, oct2, mate1, mate2-k, and p‑glycoprotein, but not of oatp1b1 and oatp1b3
Shingen Misaka, Jana Knop, Katrin Singer, Eva Hoier, Markus Keiser, Fabian Müller, Hartmut Glaeser, Jö rg Kö nig, and Martin F. Fromm
Mol. Pharmaceutics 2016, 13, 2, 512–519
Separation of nadolol racemates by high pH reversed-phase preparative chromatography
Rami S. Arafaha,b , António E. Ribeiroa,b , Alírio E. Rodriguesc , Luís S. Pais
Separation and Purification Technology Volume 233, 15 February 2020, 116018