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Bendamustine Impurity 13

N° de SZ CAT SZ-B010034
Número CAS 914626-65-6
Mol.F. C19H18N6O4 
Peso Molecular 394.4
Status de Fatura In Stock

Nome Químico: 1,3-Bis(1-methyl-5-nitro-1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)propane

Sorrisos: CN1C2=C(C=C([N+]([O-])=O)C=C2)N=C1CCCC3=NC4=C(C=CC([N+]([O-])=O)=C4)N3C

Inchi: InChI=1S/C19H20N6O5.ClH/c1-20-14-8-6-12(24(27)28)10-15(14)22-19(26)5-3-4-18-21-16-11-13(25(29)30)7-9-17(16)23(18)2;/h6-11,20H,3-5H2,1-2H3,(H,22,26);1H

Polymorphic forms of bendamustine hydrochloride: crystal structure, thermal properties and stability at ambient conditions
By Gaztanaga, Pablo; Baggio, Ricardo; Vega, Daniel Roberto
From Acta Crystallographica, Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials (2019), 75(6), 933-941
Development and validation of a stability-​indicating rp-​hplc method for the determination of bendamustine in raw material and finished product
By Dhananjaya, G.; Naveen, M.; Pathi, P. Janaki; Raghuram, J.; Raju, N. Appala
From World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (2018), 7(18), 1172-1187
Novel validated RP-​HPLC method for bendamustine hydrochloride based on ion-​pair chromatography: application in determining infusion stability and pharmacokinetics
By Singh, Yuvraj; Chandrashekar, Anumandla; Pawar, Vivek K.; Saravanakumar, Veeramuthu; Meher, Jayagopal; Raval, Kavit; Singh, Pankaj; Kumar, R. Dinesh; Chourasia, Manish K.
From Journal of Chromatographic Science (2017), 55(1), 30-39

Stability- indicating novel HPLC method for estimation of Bendamustine in pharmaceutical forms
By Reddy, Gade Srinivas; Reddy, S. L. N. Prasad; Reddy, L. Shiva kumar
From American Journal of PharmTech Research (2016), 6(2), 343-357