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10β-Hydroperoxy Norethindrone Acetate

N° de SZ CAT SZ-N013015
Número CAS 13236-11-8
Mol.F. C22H28O5
Peso Molecular 372.5
Status de Fatura Under Synthesis

Nome Químico: 10-​Hydroperoxy-​17-​hydroxy-​19-​nor-​17α-​pregn-​4-​en-​20-​yn-​3-​one 17-​Acetate

Rapid high performance liquid chromatography method development with high prediction accuracy, using 5 cm long narrow bore columns packed with sub-2m particles and Design Space computer modeling
Szabolcs Feketea, Jeno˝ Feketeb, Imre Molnár c, Katalin Ganzler
Journal of Chromatography A, 1216 (2009) 7816–7823
Development and Validation of method for the determination of related substances of Norethindrone in Norethindrone Tablets and Degradation studies
P.Murali Krishna, B. Thirupathi Rao, R. Kishore Kumar and P. Venkateswarlu
International Journal of ChemTech Research Vol.3, No.1, pp 143-148