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Lenalidomide Impurity 6

N° de SZ CAT SZ-L031013
Número CAS 24666-56-6
Mol.F. C5H8N2O2 : HCl
Peso Molecular  128.1 : 36.5
Status de Fatura In Stock
Rel. CAS No 2353-44-8 (Free base)

Nome Químico: 3-Aminopiperidine-2,6-dione hydrochloride

Sorrisos: NC(CCC(N1)=O)C1=O.Cl

Inchi: InChI=1S/C9H8BrNO4/c1-15-9(12)6-3-2-4-8(11(13)14)7(6)5-10/h2-4H,5H2,1H3

Determination of possible potential genotoxic impurities in lenalidomide drug substance by simple RP-​HPLC method
By Gaddam, Kishore; Kanne, Shanker; Gundala, Trivikram Reddy; Mamilla, Yogeshwar Reddy; Chinna, Gangi Reddy Nallagondu
From Asian Journal of Chemistry (2020), 32(12), 2965-2970
Development and validation of stability-​indicating RP-​HPLC method for the estimation of lenalidomide and its impurities in oral solid dosage form
By Prasad, Somana Siva; Mohan, G. V. Krishna; Babu, A. Naga
From Oriental Journal of Chemistry (2019), 35(1), 140-149
Simultaneous quantification of lenalidomide, ibrutinib and its active metabolite PCI-​45227 in rat plasma by LC-​MS​/MS: Application to a pharmacokinetic study
By Veeraraghavan, Sridhar; Viswanadha, Srikant; Thappali, Satheeshmanikandan; Govindarajulu, Babu; Vakkalanka, Swaroopkumar; Rangasamy, Manivannan
From Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (2015), 107, 151-158